Friday, April 22, 2016

WOW! Where has the time gone??

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post.
So much has happened not sure where to start. 
I have been stitching but I have also been doing grandma daycare four days a week 
since the middle of February. I love watching the grands but it can be exhausting:)

So, Let me try to do some catching up.

Quaker Rose by Stickideen Von Wiehenburg.
Stitched on 32 count white linen with DMC threads.
Started 1-30-2016
Finished 4-3-2016

 BBD-My Heart is Home.
Stitched on 32 count hand dyed linen by me with 
DMC threads.
Stated 3-23-2016
Finished 3-24-2016

 This piece I stitched last year but just framed it so I thought
I would show the finished piece.
This is Shepherd Sampler by WTNT.

 Share the Joy by Abbey Rose Designs.
Stitched on 28 count linen hand dyed by me with
DMC threads.
Started 1-1-2016
Finished 1-4-2016

 This was a WIP, not even sure when I started ii but I am trying to get some
 of my WIPs done.
Cross Stitch Fever by Heart and Home Collection

 Once Upon A Summer by Heartstring Samplery Ladies Prim
Society club.  Stitched on 35 count linen with overdyed threads.
Not sure when I started it but finished 4-11-2016.
This was another WIP.

 Holly Jolly Soul by WTNT.
Stitched on 36 count Lt.Espresso with DMC threads.
Started 12-29-2015
Finished 1-1-2016

 2015 Shepherd's Bush scissor fob. 
Again another WIP, had this stitched for awhile
and just finished it. This is the front. 

View of the back.

 Here is the 2016 Shepherd's Bush scissor fob stitched but not finished.
Stitched on 32 count pearled Barley with overdyed threads provided in kit.
Started 4-7-2016
Finished 4-8-2016

 This is a WIP of a Shepherd's Bush stocking I started for my son-in-law.
Again not sure when I started it but it was finished 1-16-2016.
Stitched on 18 count natural linen with DMC perle cotton #5.

This Shepherd's Bush Stocking is for my daughter.
It is called Bertie's Stocking.  It was stitched on 18 count
natural linen with DMC perle cotton #5.
Started on 1-16-2016
Finished on 1-29-2016

This was not a WIP but a project that should have been done years ago.
I wanted to stitch a stocking for each of our children well we have six!!!
Then add spouses and that's a lot of stockings.  So as of right now I think I have
two more to do with the possibility of another one when the last child gets
married. So my goal has been to stitch at least one a year. Goal met this year:) 
 I have stitched six Bent Creek Stockings for the grands we have.
Plus I try to stitch an ornament every year for at least the grands.  
My advice, just remember when you commit to something like that it may involve 
a bit of stitching each year:)  

I hope all is well with everyone and thanks for stopping by.
I would say that I will try to do better with posting but not sure I should commit
to that:). But hopefully I will get better!!