Friday, May 27, 2016

Patriotic Finishes...

I have been quite busy with stitching and finishing.  
Here are just a couple of my most recent Finishes.

 La-D-Da--I pledge stitched on 28 count antique ivory with DMC threads.
I have had this in my stash for a long time.  It was a quick stitch.  I had this old frame in my 
stash.  It needed a little bit of love to fix it as it was a very loose frame.  Thank goodness
that I have a hubby who is very handy as he fixed it right up.  I think this frame was perfect.
Started 5-8-2016
Finished 5-15-2016
 Next is Plum Street Samplers- Betsy's Tart.  Now I saw this idea on FB.  Reflections Framing and Stitching shop in Papillion, Nebraska took this clock from Hobby Lobby and sprayed it and changed up the thread colors.  So I did go out and buy the clock and my hubby sprayed it for me and I used DMC threads to stitch it.  I love this idea and the way it turned out.
Started 5-18-2016
Finished 5-20-2016

Lastly I stitched Plum Street Samplers-John and Abigail.
This was stitched on 32 count linen I coffee dyed with DMC.
I just finished it into a pillow today.
Started 5-21-2016
Finished 5-26-2016

I have been finishing a lot of stitching projects that have been in totes for a long time.
I hope to post a picture of all the things I have been finishing.

Have a safe and fun Memorial weekend, remember all those who have served and died for us to enjoy our freedom.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Patriotic Finish...

Last Friday my stitching bud Jackie and I made a trip to our LNS--Stitchville and I picked up Blackbird Designs book Sweet Land of Liberty.

I couldn't wait to start this project:

 This design is called Sweet Land of Liberty.  I stitched it on
32 count Clay with DMC Threads.
Started 5-15-2016
Finished 5-18-2016
I did tweak this a bit.  I should have cut the mounting board a bit larger so that it
would have maybe covered the top of the candlestick more.  So my modification was a twisted
cord to put around the edge.  
 Another view.  Thanks to my hubby for spray painting the candlestick.
I love how it turned out.  
One thing I would like to mention is that the design is bigger than the top of
this candlestick, which I guessed surprised me.  So a bit of the design is under
the edge of the mounting board.  Which worked out fine, I just thought in my little head
more of the design would show.

My grandson Silas wanted a checkerboard that he could fold up for traveling, so 
a quick trip to JoAnn's grandma found some checkerboard fleece.
Then I cut out some felt circles.  
Traveling checkerboard!!!
Needless to say I am a hero in his eyes:)

Now a quick plug for Olfa cutters.  I bought this cutter awhile ago to cut circles.
Let me tell you it worked great for the felt circles I needed for the checkerboard
and for the circle I needed for my candlestick project which was cut out of
mat board.  I would highly recommend this handy tool.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Famous or infamous---A quick post

A few months ago I was contacted by Cross Stitch Collection magazine.
They were interested in featuring me in their Online Stitching Stars!!!
Well I am featured in the May issue!!

 Here it is.

This is the article--well at least a glimpse.

Kind of fun being in a magazine.

My small brush with fame!!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to be posting about a few finishes I've
completed recently.