Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stitching Jar

After seeing Jill's jar of stitching I thought I would give it a try. So I was at Micheal's today and found this jar and even got it for 50% off with a coupon!!!! I also found some colorful stones that were on clearance and added them to the bottom of the jar.

These are stitchy smalls I have received in exchanges. I think it looks pretty cool and with that 50% off coupon the jar was only $4.50.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drawn Thread Exchanges

These are the Drawn Thread exchanges I received and sent from a private exchange through the Friends Though Threads blog:

This is the ornament I received from Gaby. She stitched me Too Tiny Too from the Drawn Thread Too Tiny Samplers. She put some lace around the outside edge of the ornament. Gaby did a wonderful job stitching and finishing this ornament. I just love it.

Gaby also sent these great "goodies": a pair of scissors, a great addition to my collection, some linen and two patterns--a German one and a French one.
Thank you again, Gaby. This was a great exchange.
And look what design I stitched for my Drawn Thread partner Suzanne!!!! I stitched the very same design I received from Gaby. I stitched mine over one and finished it into a pendant.

I also sent Suzanne a Drawn Thread pattern off her wish list with the fabric and threads, plus a laying tool my hubby made out of a sterling silver piece of flatware.
Another great exchange.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More birthday fun!!

I started my day out with a wonderful massage from my friend Lori. Then we decided to run to our local LNS, which really isn't that local. It is about 35 miles from us, but always well worth the trip.

I ended my birthday by meeting up at Texas Roadhouse with my friend Lori, and my hubby and four of our six children. Of the two that didn't make it, one lives in Tennessee, and our other child is in the Marines and is deployed to Africa right now. And this is what I received as a gift from my hubby and children:

An iPod touch!!! Now I just need to learn how to run the darn thing. But I just love it!!!!

Here is one last ridiculous picture of me at Texas Roadhouse. You get to sit on the saddle as the whole restaurant hollers for your birthday. Not a very flattering picture, but good times were had last night.

Thank you to my family and friends and those of you who have left such nice comments, you have made my birthday a great day(or should I say week!!!).

I will try not to talk about my birthday again until next year:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last night was our usual stitching night. But my BFF Jill had made some plans and got all of the girls together to celebrate my birthday. Just let me say that they all did a very good job. We haven't all been together for quite awhile so it was a very good time, lots of fun, food and laughter.

Here I am with the balloons that my son-in-law went out and bought for me and the yummy cake that Jill picked up. It was my favorite from Sam's club.

This cake followed a great Taco meal in which all my buds pitched in and brought something for the meal.
Chocolate, my favorite. Also had orange sherbet with chocolate pieces in it.

Here's the haul I made from my friends. The table runner was from Julie--she's very much into quilting right now. Chris and her daughter Cassie gave me the big scissors, which was personalize, being I am such a scissor collector. Jill stitched me some wonderful squares and made me a marking pin/thread counter and gave me a Kelmscott 3" ruler that was on my wish list. Jackie also got my some goodies from Kelmscott off my wish list--the Thread Keeper heart, Thread rings and the 3" ruler plus some Gloves in a bottle lotion, which I love. Cathy gave me the Shepherd's Bush Fob Kit for the Roberta scissors--All is fine in 2009. Then my friend Lori bought me an hour massage, which we did this morning. That was also great and very relaxing. Now I may make a run to the LNS and meet our children tonight for supper at the Texas Roadhouse---another favorite!!!!!

I will have to say that Life is good!!!!

Thank you so much to all of my stitching friends for such a great birthday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is the first Birthday gift I received this week.

I received a wonderful Birthday Exchange on Monday from Margit. She stitched this great Emergency Stitcher's Book. She also sent my two patterns from Rouge du Rhin. I think it might be my new favorite designer!

Here is a picture of the front,
and the back,
And of course the inside. Thank you so much Margit.

Then while I was in Chattanooga to see our new grand daughter the beginning of March, my hubby and I checked out an antique shop and I found this treasure. The base of a treadle sewing machine with a wonderful tray on the top. My hubby talked the shop down $15 and I justified the purchase as my early Birthday present!!!
Here is a picture of the tray. I thought this made a great display for all of my stitching smalls.

My birthday is not until Saturday but the celebrating has begun. As many of my close stitching friends know. I went out to dinner on Monday with some friends and then I received this exchange and of course on Friday my stitching buds will be here and then my friend Lori and I are going to get a massage on Saturday morning. I think those are pretty good plans, so far. Still have to make some plans with my family.

I also have some other blogging to catch up on but since I have been to Chattanooga I just can't seem to get all caught up. So my blogging has suffered. I am hoping to at least get back to blogging at least once a week.

Happy Stitching until next time.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Apprentice

Good evening fellow bloggers and friends!
I've been in Tennessee with my hubby, daughter Kelsey and her husband since Saturday afternoon. I finally got to meet my grand-daughter Emily Kate and already got her hooked on stitching! This proves that it's never to early to start stitching!

P.S. This is for you Jill! ;)