Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Ornie from Jayne

Here is the Spring ornie I received from Jayne from the All Season's Ornament Exchange. She said that Snowdrops remind her of Spring. Jayne did a great job on this ornie. Another wonderful ornament to add to my collection. Thank you Jayne.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where to Start.....

It has been awhile since I have posted and I have been busy. But first I have to post the Birthday gift I received from Carol today. She stitched a wonderful fob for me and sent a few "goodies". Carol was worried that it was a belated gift, but that's ok because ask any of my stitching buds---my birthday goes on and on and on!!!!
Thank you so much Carol.

I spent the weekend doing some stitching and finishing. Here are some of my finishing results:

I must say I have had a very good time stitching these. I love my Aunt Clara's Skating Pond long pincushion. I also tried my hand at the tulip biscornu by Olenka's Stitches Designs.
Then I stitched and finished a small Quaker pincushion. Also finished a couple of ornaments and a little Easter design by Prairie Schooler.

Now this next picture is of a very bad scissor obsession. It started a couple of Friday's ago when all of us girls were together for our stitching night. Jackie thought it was time to have a new scissors and before you knew it we were ordering all the Premax scissors from Mike and Carol's internet store. Now there are seven of us girls and we have a scissors pack. So of course we all ordered the 6 different Premax scissors. Then while we were waiting for all of the scissors to arrive, Gingher came out with the new Criss designer scissors. Now that scissors is a JoAnn's exclusive, so Jackie was a detective and found out that one of the JoAnn's had the new scissors, but they had not put them out yet. Well lo and behold JoAnn's let us come in and buy them. So Jackie and I bought seven pairs between us and then Cathy B bought two pair. All because we have other addicted scissor people. This is what is left of what we bought and these are all spoken for:
And these are three of the six Premax scissors. It all started with the one Premax on the right which goes with the Shepherd's Bush Glad Tidings fob.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this very long post. I hope it wasn't to boring:)