Monday, March 31, 2008

The NEW EMMA'S are Here!!!!

My DH (scissornut)went out today at lunchtime and bought me the new
Gingher Emma's.He actually bought me a "pair and a spare".
He even got them for 50% off!!! And here they are:

I also received an exchange over the weekend.
It was the biscornu exchange.
I received an Elizabethan biscornu from Rowyn in
New Zealand. She also senta very cute
Country Cottage Kids pattern - Garden Girl.

I also got my order from Down Sunshine Lane.
Those goodies were compliments of my daughter Kelsey,
who sent me a generous gift certificate for my birthday.
My gifts include: Victoria's Quaker by A mon ami Pierre--
which I have been lusting for, With Needle and Thread by
Blackbird Designs,Netty's sampler by Stacy Nash,
Petits oiseaux byTournicoton,Quaker Huswif by Elegant Stitch,
Quietness and Confidence by My Big toe
and the Fabric for the stitching block, and a small titanium scissors.

Then I did finish my March ornament for the Bride's Tree SAL:
All in all a pretty good weekend and start to this week.

Keep Stitching.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Little House Needlework Round Robin

Here is a picture of my RR. It is the LHN RR.

The theme within the LHN is Needlework.

I really like the result
so far.

I am off now to start an exchange project.

Keep Stitching.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

I just wanted to thank those who wished me a happy birthday.

I had a pretty good day even though the weather here was terrible and we had to modify our plans. I had originally planned a trip to Rochester, which is about an hour and fifteen minute drive, with my friends Lori and Jill, to go to the Golden Corral for lunch and then to Hobby Lobby and back to our LNS.

Well we had a winter storm and schools were closed in Rochester, and the roads were bad,so we didn't make the trip. Instead we stayed close to home. Did do some damage to the checking account anyway. Made a trip to Joann's and Micheal's, bought a couple sweaters and a pair of pants at CJ Banks, had lunch at Chili's and finally made it to the LNS after most of the bad weather had passed. My DH drove us out to the LNS, which is about 35 miles from us. The roads were better by that time, but it was nice to have a driver. Had a great time with my friend Lori, lots of laughs.

After all that shopping, I ended the evening back at Chili's with my hubby and our daughter Chastity and her boyfriend Ben for a late dinner. All in all I had a great birthday. Plan on some more celebrating with three more of our children tonight with dinner out at one of our favorite spaghetti restaurants.

I did get some fibers and a couple of patterns at the LNS. I bought only one pattern for myself, the others are for exchanges. I also got a really neat storage container. It is working out great for organizing my beading things.

I may have to buy another one sometime to organize other crafts. These were a little pricey, but I got it on sale for half off!!!

So now I am off the doing some more finishing and organizing and I think I will have to do some more shopping with the gift certificate I received from Kelsey to shop at Down Sunshine Lane. I know that there are more projects with my name on them.

Until next time keep stitching.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Necklace Finish and Whitman Tins

Here is my latest finish. I am happy with the result since it was my first try at soldering. I had bought the supplies to try soldering pendants or charms from my days when I was beading. Well I was inspired to make a necklace when I saw one Cathy had bought. So this is the end result. I can hardly wait to make more.
I may have to hit the road and sell my wares!!!!!

Then look what the UPS man brought tonight. Whitman tins---now I need to order the pattern and get stitching.

I received a very generous gift certificate from my daughter Kelsey from Down Sunshine Lane for my birthday. So I will be doing some serious ordering.

My birthday is Friday and I have a field trip planned with Jill and Lori for Lunch at Golden Corral, a stop at Hobby Lobby and then off to our LNS. I can hardly wait. I think I am running a little low on stitching projects.

I will be posting with all my finds.

Finished Coasters

Here are the completed coasters. They have been finished for awhile. I think they turned out great. I may need to make some
for myself. Thanks to Jill, Jackie and Lori who each stitched one
with me for my daughter Kelsey.

I have been busy with exchange stitching and my LHN RR. I got two exchanges in the mail yesterday.

I also finished the Round five Fair and Square that I received from
my daughter Melissa. I was also happy with how it turned out.

Here is a picture of the front and back.

I tried to post yesterday but I seem to always have some kind of issue with getting my pictures and text the way I want them. Is it just me or does anyone else have that problem. I would like to hear from anyone with their ideas on what I may be doing wrong. It is very frustrating!!!

Well I am going to give this posting a go and hopefully be a little more consistent with posting.

Keep Stitching.