Saturday, June 8, 2013

Retreat update with finish.......

I have been on retreat since Thursday afternoon.  
Here is a picture of some of the girls in our stitching room.

This is my stitching nest.

In my previous post I mentioned that I had received my stitching project from the Old Mill Stitchery.
The Seasons of Chessie series.
Well I started this on Thursday afternoon and just finished up with it today.  
Turned out pretty cute.  I will do the finishing when I get home.
 Days of Liberty by Chessie and Me.  Stitched with supplies provided in kit.
Started June 6th 2013.
Finished June 8th 2013.

I leave you with this pin pillow I stitched for Jackie one of the birthday girls in which we are on this retreat for.  The pattern is by The Primitive Hare. It is such a cute design.
Happy 50th Birthday Jackie and Lori.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun Mail:)

Look what arrived in the mail today. 
 I joined The Seasons of Chessie club by Chessie and Me from the Old Mill Stitchery shop in Liberty Missouri.
This is the first project.  It arrived is this cute little bag. 

This is the contents of the bag.  

The pattern is called "Days of Liberty".
I just love that it is mounted on a hornbook.  
I can't wait to get started on this!!!
I will be leaving tomorrow for a 50th birthday retreat for two of my close stitching buds.
It should be a great weekend.
I didn't plan on stitching this---but I may have to:)  
I have so MANY other projects to stitch already, what's new.

 Here is some progress on a group project that I am doing with two of my August retreat buds.  We decided  last August to stitch With Thy Needle and Threads--Strawberry Hill Sampler.  Here is the finished pin pillow.  
The Huswife is stitched and just needs to be finished.  Hope to get to that sometime this month.
I also have the sampler piece stitched that will be mounted on a box.  
This will be a very cute project when it's done.  It has been fun to stitch too.

I just bought a new laptop last week and this is my first post using it and I have to say it is working out well.

I hope to post again after this weekend about my retreat.

Thanks for stopping by.