Saturday, September 17, 2016

Retreat, State Fair Ribbons, finishes, other going ons and surgery!!!

Again it has been awhile since my last post.  Where does the time go?
First up we had our annual retreat.  Jackie, Jill, Lori and I have been doing this retreat in August for about 10 years now.  We have a theme every year and this year it was Birdhouses. 
Jill brought this mat over that a friend of hers had found.  It was appropriate, don't you think?

Retreat this year was from August 2-6,2016.
We usually gather at my house. First thing up is usually our "gifties".
Here is a before picture of all the goodies before we opened them.

 These are all the goodies from Jill that we each received.
Jill stitched and finished a floss tag with our initial, gave us each a little scissors, a box of DMC's newest floss colors, thread magic--which I really like, charm initials, hand cream, pencil and a glass ort jar,  Thank you Jill:)

 Next up is Lori's goodies.  Her Aunt helped her out by painting a cute little birdhouse, stamping cards and the embroidered dishtowel.  Lori stitched up a scissors fob for each of us also.  She kitted it up for us to finish.  Plus she took us all out for lunch.
Thanks Lori.

These goodies came from Jackie.  First she gave us a basket to keep our project in that we may be working on, a birdhouse mug, an ort jar topped with a stitched birdhouse and every year she stitches us a coaster.  Plus a needle minder and some stickers.
Thank you Jackie.

 This is my contribution. I made most of my goodies.  Every year since we started retreating I have made a pet screen vinyl bag, this year was no exception.  It is the bag in the upper left, I also made a clear front pouch, a pillow case for a pillow we received a few retreats ago, and two different kinds of fabric boxes and I stitched a pin pillow.  It was fun putting this altogether.
It was a really fun relaxing time. And of course we made a trip to our LNS to start our retreat:)
Next years theme is "Needlework"!

Here is a picture of my State Fair entries and my ribbons.  Didn't do to bad.

 Also entered Quaker Rose but no ribbon!!  Judge said this should have maybe been entered in the sampler category.  Not sure I would agree.  It was in the over 250 stitches category.  Well you can't win them all.

 Here is a picture of a bunch of finishes I did earlier this summer.  Some of these finishes have been stitched for years.  I was just in the mood to get them in finished form.  Plus there were plenty of current stitches.  

 This piece is a Hands on Design which I stitched for a friend for her birthday.
It was quite a fun stitch.

 Another birthday stitch for a friend.  This was a Little House Needlework pattern.
I may stitch this again for myself.

 I do some custom sewing and I made these pillows for a lady I know.  She had bought this fabric to match a chair she has and always wanted some pillows made out of it.  I think she said she had this fabric for years.  So she contacted me and here is the end result.

 My daughter wanted a baby quilt for her sister-in-law.  And of course it was a rush job, I think I had like two weeks!!!  But I did get it done.  My daughter cut out the pieces and I did the sewing and quilting.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

I also put this quilt top together earlier this summer.  Now I need to get it put together and quilted.  

So as you can see I have been busy.  Maybe that is why I don't post much--no time.
I have a few more things I have done or I am working on.  I will try to post again in the next week or so.

I also had surgery on September 8th.  Nothing to serious, really hasn't been that bad just seems to have knocked the wind out of me.  I just seem to tire easily.  I am used to working out everyday and that has been put on hold till everything heals.   Gives me a little more stitching time as I mend. 

Thanks for stopping by.  
Have a great weekend.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, August 5, 2016

Grand Champion

Just a quick post to show the results of one of my county fair entries.
This piece is from Ladies Prim Society club.  It is called Once Upon a Summer by
Heartstring Samplery.

I have another seven pieces in the fair but I will have to post about them later as I don't have
any pictures of them.  My daughter took the pictures when she went out to the fair and
she posted this one on her Facebook page and I got the picture from there.

I have also been on retreat here at my house with three of my stitching cronies.  We
started on Wednesday and will go through tomorrow(Sat) so I will be posting
about that adventure too:)

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

County Fair Results and Patriotic Basket

Here are the results of the pieces I took to the Ramsey County Fair.

This is Quaker Rose by Stickideen Von der Wiehenburg which took 1st place,

The next two are I pledge by La D Da, and Free and Brave by Drawn Thread.

Shepherd's Bush Stocking and a Little House Needlework ornie.

Here are Betsy's tart by Plum Street Samplers and another LHN piece called with Liberty and Justice that I made into a pillow.

So all in all I entered 7 pieces, won five 1st place ribbons and two 2nd place ribbons.
Not to bad.  Now I am off to another county fair next week.

My friend Jackie and I stitched this pattern by Manni Di Donna called Patriotic Days.
Then yesterday we finished them into these baskets.  They turned out so cute.

My basket is the one with the blue lining and Jackie's is of course the other one.
Now we have a fob and floss tag to finish which goes with these baskets.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Some more Patriotic finishes....

Still on a Patriotic roll!!!!

I finished this flag wall hanging/table topper on Monday, so a week after the 4th.
I am so happy with how this turned out, I just love it:)

Next up are these Shepherd Bush Americana trifles.  I have had this pattern for a bit and decided it was time the get them done.

Shepherd's Bush Grand Old Flag.
Stitched on 32 count natural with DMC threads.
Started 7-4-2016
Finished 7-5-2016
I still need to attach ribbon on this pillow.

Shepherd's Bush Free.
Stitched on 32 count linen I dyed with DMC threads.
Started and finished 7-2-2016

Shepherd's bush Liberty.
Stitched on 32 count natural polka dot with DMC threads.
Started and finished 7-3-2016
Again need to add the ribbon.

Here are 4 of our six grands on the 4th.  These four live near us.
They are Finnegan-2, Charlie-3, Silas-6 and my namesake Everleigh Joan-3.
I tie dyed these t-shirts.  They turned out pretty good, although I messed up on the blue part on Charlie's shirt.  If you look at him from behind then the design is right:) 

Here I am with the three who would take another picture, Finnegan decided he had enough. 

 Not a patriotic but summer finish.  Aren't these flip flops just to cute.  Two of my stitching buds and myself stitched these. Jackie and I finished these up yesterday.
Jill I am ready to help to finish yours when you come over:)

 Lila's Studio--Barefoot Days of Summer.
Stitched on 40 count linen I dyed with DMC threads.
Started first one 6-24-2016 
Finished 6-28-2016
Started second one 6-29-2016
Finished 7-2-2016

 Here is my Quaker Rose finally framed.
I took this piece and a few more to a local county fair.
I will see tomorrow how I did.

Thanks for stopping by and keep stitching:)


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th of July

First I want to say Happy 4th of July:)  
Since it is the 4th I have been on a roll with Patriotic stitches and I have been loving it.

So I am starting out with a picture of all the pieces I have stitched this year.

 BBD-American Eagle from their book Sweet Land of Liberty.
Stitched on 32 count clay with DMC threads.
Started 6-16-2016
Finished 6-23-2016
I even had this frame in my stash which I think worked out perfectly.

Just a quick note, I have manage to stitch each one of the designs on the cover 
of this book.  Two last year and two this year.  I was part of the club for the piece in 
the upper left hand corner.

 Drawn Thread-Free and Brave.
Stitched on 32 count summer khaki with DMC.
Started 6-11-2016
Finished 6-20-2016
Again I got lucky and had this frame in my stash.

 LHN-Liberty and Justice stitched on 28 count lambswool with DMC threads.
Had this in my stash for quite sometime.
Started 6-9-2016
Finished 6-10-2016

 LHN-Little Liberty Lady stitched on 28 count linen I dyed with DMC threads
Started 6-8-2016
Finished 6-9-2016

 LHN-Old Glory stitched on 28 count linen I dyed with DMC threads.
Started 6-27-2016
Finished 6-29-2016
I have had this in my stash for a while, finally got to stitching it
 Fabric on the back of Old Glory.

 Shepherds Bush-Free from Americana Trifles booklet.
Stitched on 32 count linen I dyed with DMC threads.
I stitched this up just last night was a very quick stitch.
Started and Finished 7-2-2016

 Keeping with the Patriotic theme, I had to sew some pouches for my patriotic patterns.
These pouches are approximately 13 inches wide by 11 inches high.

 Here is the back side of the pouch.  I love this fabric.

 Another pouch.

 Back side of pouch.

 One more pouch.  I do love this combination too.

 Back side of pouch.

I make these pouches to sell.  I also make a smaller version which measures approximately 8 x 11.
I can make these to order too.  
You can check out my shoppe tab to see what I have in my inventory to sell.
These make very good project pouches as you can see exactly what you have in there.