Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Treasures and some more finishes.....

I have been wanting to post some pictures for the last day or two but I was having some kind of computer/blogger issues. I think they have been resolved so I am going to give it another try.
Last Thursday was our anniversary, so the DH and I did a little road tripping over the weekend and hit an antique shop and I came away with these lovely items. The dish is called a "bone dish". I thought it was so cute and would be a perfect place to put buttons. I am collecting pearl buttons, so I bought a couple of jars of them. I think I will have enough for awhile. I also found some hat pins and crocheted lace. I have already put some of the pins and buttons to work. I can't wait to use the lace.

Then I have been on quite a binge of stitching pincushions. I stitched up this Shakespeare's Peddler "Ole Pincushion". It was stitched it on 32 count black with 2 threads of Belle Soie--Kiwi. This was a very quick stitch. I stitched it and finished it all on Monday.

As I mentioned I have been on a pincushion binge. I stitched this BBD--Bird in Hand on 36 count cream with Belle Soie Cranberry.

And yet another BBD--Bluebird, which I stitched on 32 count cream with Belle Soie Kiwi. So I guess mine would be a green bird. The back ground fabric is what I used on the back of the pincushion, along with some of the buttons and pins I bought the other day. I just love these pincushions.

I had this LHN design--Snowy Pines stitched up and was in a finishing mood, so I took care of this little ornament. It was stitched on home coffee dyed 32 count with DMC. Turned out pretty cute.

Last Sunday my DD and I framed these two pieces. They are Bent Creek Snappers. I stitched this back in 2003!!!! I can't believe it. My SIL made the frames and my DD painted them and we finally got them framed. One piece is mine of course and the other one is my stitching bud Lori's.

Over the last three Wednesday's my friend Jackie and I have been putting together these Christmas ornaments. Jackie and another stitching bud--Chris did the stitching of the ornaments and then I helped Jackie put them together. So we ended up assembling 26!!! No last minute Christmas rush this year!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tulip House finish and a couple of other finishes

I finished the stitching of my Blackbird Designs retreat project called Tulip House. I went to my local thrift store and found this frame which I thought worked perfect. I like the texture of the frame and the good news is the frame cost $2.42.

This is the stitcher's box which is the companion piece to Tulip House. I really enjoyed this Blackbird Design retreat, so much so I will be going to another Blackbird Designs retreat at The Silver Needle with my stitching bud Cathy B. I think we have become BBD groupies:)

Here is my version of the BBD cupcake. The design is from BBD book Honeysuckle Manor.

Another thing I learned from Alma and Barb was how to dye headpins to make them look antique. As you can see from the picture I started out with the pins on the right and dyed them with the end result being the pins on the left.

I stitched these next two pieces when we were still in Aberdeen, but just framed them over the weekend. This design is LHN--Faith. I used this Mill Hill frame that I bought many years ago and found in my frame stash.

The Sampler Lady by LHN.
I found this frame at a antique shop and paid about $2 for it. I really like to use frames I find at antique or thrift shops. Sometimes I find a frame and then look for a project to fit the frame.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Birthday Bash Retreat Slideshow!

Thank you to all the girls for a GREAT 50th Birthday Bash Retreat.

New header and life update....

It has been a month now since we have returned home from our nine months in Aberdeen, SD. With that being said I have put up a new header which conveys my feelings about being back home in Minnesota!!

Here is a picture of me on the day we left Aberdeen. I was very excited to be leaving for home. I have been so busy trying to get settled here back at home I have not had a lot of time to blog all the things that have happened in the last month so I am going to try to get caught up.

Here is a picture my stitching bud Lori modified for my scrap book. A cute little reminder of our days in South Dakota--As they say Great Faces, Great Places--South Dakota!!!!

I will be posting about my BIG birthday and a some other stitching related happenings in the next day or so..