Sunday, September 30, 2012

Got Scissors?????

The long awaited arrival of Emily happened on Friday.  So our little stitching group had a mini gathering last night for the adoption.  We always wait with such anticipation every time a new scissors is released:)

This is another cute, have to have scissors!!!!

You just can't have enough scissors!!!!

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Lost blogging Mojo and a very good day with stitching buds.

Well it has been about 2 months since my last posting!!!!  I have been busy stitching and sewing along with other things over the summer, but I just have not felt the need to blog.  I will see if I can change that.

I am doing a major HAPPY DANCE!!!!
During our 2011 retreat we decided again on a group project.  We chose With My Needle's---My Needle's Worke Box.  All the stitching was done and we had a finishing day scheduled for months.  
This last Saturday was the day, actually we started finishing on Friday night which is our usual stitching night. 
I am so glad we started on Friday because we need those hours plus the 8 or so hours we worked on Saturday.  In fact I need a couple hours today to finish up my smalls.  I only had one thread winder, the needlebook and the scissor fob to finish.
So Jill--Purple Peacock, Jackie-no blog and I worked together and got this box finished.  Our other stitching friend Chris did join us on Friday and since she had her box together was a help to us on starting our boxes.
I am so glad to have great stitching buds, it always helps so much to have the support and help when doing major finishing like we did.  As the saying goes--Many hands make light the work.
So here are the pictures of my finished box:

 This is the view of the front.  I stitched this project on 32 count Belfast Baby Lotion with DMC threads.

 Here is one side.

 The back side.

 And the other side.  

 This is the top of the box.  I just love the button.

 And of course the bottom of the box.  You can see that we used pins for the feet on the bottom.

Here is a view of the inside and the inside top of the box.  Each side of the box has a pocket if you look closely.  

These are all the smalls.  Two thread winders, a needle book and a scissors fob.  

All in all this was a fun project and made more fun because we made it a group effort.  I really enjoy
doing these kinds of projects as a group, sometimes you just need the support to get you through.

Thanks girls for a fun couple of days--even though by 5 pm on Saturday I had enough of finishing:)
We had worked about 4 1/2 hours on Friday and about 8 or so hours on Saturday.  

Can't wait until we get together to finish next years project.

Hopefully I will be posting more on what I did this summer.  
Thanks for stopping by.