Sunday, July 15, 2012

It all started with this......

 sewing box from JoAnn's.  
I had just bought some fabric with this particular design on it from a local Quilt shop, when I happened upon this sewing box at JoAnn's.  
Well I got busy with my new sewing machine and created the following:

First I started with some stitching portfolio's. Which are on the top of the sewing box.

 Then one day I was visiting a quilting blog--Carol's Crafty Creations and saw these cute see through pouches.  So I had to make some to match my sewing box!!!!

 Then I made some more and also re-calculated the pattern to make some larger stitching pouches to hold bigger projects.  The original pattern is by Atkinson Designs.  

 Here is another set made from Blackbird designs fabric collection called Blueberry Crumb Cake.  

 Here's a view of the larger project pouch with a project book in it.  I think it makes it really great to be able to see what is in the project pouch.

Another view of the larger pouch with a project in it.  

If you interested in some of these project pouches for yourself, please just email me.