Sunday, May 31, 2009


On Saturday hubby and I went road tripping and stopped at a couple of antique shops. I found some flower frogs and a couple of jars.

Here are the flower frogs I found. Once I found the frogs, I then began looking for bases that would work with the frogs. The two frogs towards the left back with scissors in them had built in bases, so to speak. The rest of the frogs were like the two flat ones in front. I found some bases that seem to work quite well for the other frogs.

Here are what some of them look like with scissors in them. It's sad to say but this is not even all of my scissors collection. I am afraid I have a terrible collection sickness!!!

This picture has the addition of two jars I found. Sixty dollars later and I have quite a collection I am thinking some of my stitching buds with be wanting some of these frogs. That is why I purchased so many.
Finally just a pic of the jars. Not sure what I will be doing with them, but I did put my extra fobs in the one jar for now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have not been a very good blogger as of late. But here are some of the things I have been up to.

First I need to post the rest of the exchange I received from Brigitte. It was part of a private exchange and she had ordered this scissors and thread winder from Needlecraft corner. These two items were shipped separate from the package Brigitte sent. So they arrived about a week later than the original package. Both the scissor and thread winder are from Kelscott. I just love them both. The scissors was added to the fob Brigitte had stitched as part of the exchange. The rest of the exchange is posted in a previous entry. Thank you again Brigitte.

This is what I sent to Brigitte as my exchange to her. I stitched Spring Line Up by Trilogy. I also made a vinyl project bag and chicken pin cushion and sent a Black Bird designs pattern, with fabric and fibers, some note cards, and finishing items. I really enjoyed this exchange.

I had posted earlier about this group stitching project that Jill and I had finished. Well one of the other gals in the group had her basket done and we took a pic of all three. It was quite a relief to get these baskets finished!!!!!

I finally got this sampler framed. It is called Americana by The Workbasket. I stitched this about two years ago. My DH made the frame for me. I also have Landscape, which is kind of a companion piece, stitched I just need to have my DH get the frame made and I will get it finished and hung up with this picture.
My last picture is some fabric that Jill and I dyed this morning. Jill's fabric is the top row and mine are on the bottom. I will have to say we had a very productive morning of dying. Can't wait to stitch something on these fabrics.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Catch up time!!!

I have a little catching up to do as usual. First I received this exchange from Brigitte. It is a private exchange with a small group of us. Brigitte stitched Tulip Pocket Accessories by Beardie Designs. It is a very cute scissor pocket and fob.

Here is a pic of the back.
Also included in the exchange was these two pieces of 32 count of fabric and some chocolate. I am also waiting for a package from Needlecraft corner.
Thank you so much for this wonderful exchange Brigitte.
Then today I received an exchange package from Margit. We have been doing a private exchange for a few months now. I am really enjoying these exchanges with Margit. She stitched Bad Hare Day by Bent Creek and finished it into a pin keep. Then Margit also stitched Willow Tree Inn by LHN.

Margit also included some fibers and a pattern from Bleu De Chine.
Thank you again Margit.

Then I was asked to stitch a Ring bearer pillow for a friend's daughter. Here is how it turned out.

I stitched a Hardanger pattern from a Crafts and Things magazine. Then I finished it off my own way. I am pleased with the end result. I saw it in action this last weekend, as we went to the Wedding. Here is a stitched piece I framed over the weekend. It is Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek. The stitching has been done for awhile. I found the frame at a local thrift shop and painted to match the stitched piece. Now I have one more snapperland to stitch. Which is the Autumn one and then I will have all the seasons done.Lastly here is a picture of the tattoo my son got recently. Now I am not excited at all about tattoo's but my son---who happens to be my youngest, he must think I will approve if it concerns me!!!! He had the heart with Mama Joan for sometime now and when he returned from being in Africa for seven months with the Marines he added the scissors, needle,thread and spool. The dear boy does know what his mother loves to do!!!!!

So with all of that I hope all is well with everyone who happens to visit.

Happy Stitching!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Fair & Square and some finishing--

Saturday I received my Spring Fair and Square from Linda B. She stitched me this square by Plum Pudding Needleart.
I really like the design. Thank you so much Linda. I enjoyed this exchange and our emails very much.
Another new stitching friend.

Now here is the end result of the squares. I just finished them today.

Here is the back. A very cute pin keep.

Next finish was a group project from the Friday night stitching girls. As of right now three of us have it done. Jill and I did the finishing work this weekend. This pattern is from With My Needle called My Favorite Things Basket.

Here are the accessories with the basket.

My last finish is a La D Da design called A-Z and in between. I finished this one into a box type finish.

And here is the reason I have not been blogging much. Picture of Grandma not very good, but this was at the end of the day at the end of a VERY busy week. All of our children were home for a family get together. These are the grandchildren which live in Tennessee. Jacob who is two years old and was not very well this day and his sister Emily who is 3 1/2 months old.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will be blogging a little more regularly.