Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunflower Retreat 2015

Well it was that time of year again.
RETREAT 2015 with my 3 stitching buds.
As you can see this year"s theme was Sunflowers.

Here was the Welcome at my door as retreat began.  Before we arrived at my house we did make a stop at our LNS--Stitchville.
I should have taken some pictures of our stash but didn't think about that.

As luck would have it I was at the local Farmer's Market and found these lovelies.
Very festive. 
Now on with the goodies.

Here are the goodies that Jackie gave us.  She stitched up that cute coaster which she does every year along with giving us a needle minder.  Plus we received a cup, stickers and some buttons.
Thank you Jackie:)

 Next up is Jill's (Purple Peacock) goodies.
She stitched up a very cute floss tag and gave us a sunflower charm, pen, scissors, pin and stickers.
Also a tart tin which we would like to do a group project for.  Plus a great little bag, post- it notes and  hand sanitizer.
Thanks Jill:).

 Here Is Lori's goodies to us.  She stitched a scissors fob and provided the fabric for the clear vinyl pouches I sewed together and them added some chocolate covered sunflower seeds, stickers, and very cute pincushion with a sunflower pin from Just Another Button Company and a sunflower Wallflower with Coastal sun freshner.
Thanks Lori:)

Last but not least here are my goodies.  I sewed a vinyl screened bag, a fabric pouch and a pillow cover.  I also made a wool pieced pin cushion and a quilted strap for keys.  Plus I gave some Sunflower Citrus soap and hand towel and a pencil and highlighter.

We had a great 4 days of stitching and talking and eating.  

Another year completed for retreat. Can't wait until next year for the "Birdhouse" themed retreat!!!