Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time for a post!!!!

I have been meaning to post since the first of the year but have been busy with family.

We were on a family cruise and sailed out of Miami. So while in Miami I checked out a shop,
The Cross Stitch Here are my purchases: A Hand Painted Needle Case, A Samuel Burch Pouch, I Love Carbs pattern by Needle and Fred,
French Monogram Collection III by Twisted Oaks Designs, Little Brown House and Blackbird Sampler by Heart in Hand.

But I did want to post my first finished project. I started a new project on January 1st,
and even finished the stitching that same day. I was a small project: Carriage House Samplings-- X-Stitch. I have a box that I am going to put it in. Hopefully I will get that done sometime today and post the end result.

I also finished a UFO for my daughter Kelsey. It's a La D Da--Bless This House. I have stitched this pattern 4 times for gifts. I really like this design.

Now that life has somewhat settled down I hope to be posting more.

Keep Stitching!!!


Jill said...

Great finds! I love those Samuel Burch bags, my mom's knitting store has them. Will talk to you later on. Happy Stitching!

Vonna said...

Love your stitchy stash there ;)
And what a great FINISH on the La-d-da :) That is a super design :)
And who can fault CHS and their alphabet series?! Good work Joan!!!

Melissa G said...

I'm spoiled...I got one of those wonderful Bless This House finished projects!!! I was lusting after it when at home a couple times ago, and got it when home at Thanksgiving. It took center stage above the main door in the house!


Melissa G said...

I think you need to add Jacob's website to your blogroll!

Cathy B said...

Great stash Joan. Congrats on the finishes! Can't wait to see the letter "X" finish!

quiltorstitch said...

Wonderful finishes, I love “Bless this house” I want to do that someday too :D It would be a great gift. Your cruise sounds so fun!