Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Newest Acquisition

Here are my newest scissors. They are DMC marbleized scissors.
The one with the fob on it is called Purple Essence. The other one
is called Golden Copper. You can't really tell the colors of them very
well from the pictures. The best part is I got them with 50% off
coupons!!!! I bought them at Joann's. Got to love those coupons.
Also need to mention that the fob was made by Jill F. I just love it.


Jill said...

Love the scissors! Have to get me some. Great fob, too! LOL.

Carol R said...

Cute fob - nice scissors - wish we had a Joann's in the UK!

Cathy B said...

Joan, you really like those coupons, don't you! :)

Kelsey said...

another collection of scissors! oh my!

staci said...

Well, I have those scissors too but mine look naked without a cute fob like yours LOL!!!