Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HoE Christmas Exchange and Personal Exchange

I received my HoE Christmas exchange today from Gabi. I was so excited. She stitched a wonderful ornament and also sent some great goodies. First off she sent that great red, white and blue stork scissors, a bag with some star and Christmas tree charms, ribbon, some fabric and a tin that holds a votive candle. Can't wait to light it up. Thank you so much Gabi, you put together a wonderful exchange.

Here is the bottom of the ornament. Nicely personalized.
This ornament was from this years Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine. I want to stitch this one myself, but now I won't have to.
Here is another side of the ornament,
and another,
and the last side. Gabi, thanks for all of the work you put into this ornament. I really love it.
Then I also received this wonderful exchange from Margit. We became stitching friends through the Fair and Square Halloween exchange and have decided to do personal exchanges. This is our second exchange, which was a winter theme along with a Christmas ornament. Plus Margit sent along some things she bought in France, and of course chocolate. Thank you Margit for this exchange and your stitching friendship.
This is a close up of the square Margit stitched for me. I am excited to finish this square.

I had a very fine exchange day. Thank you Gabi and Margit.


Jill said...

Very nice ornie from Gaby. Great exchanges!

Srinity said...

Both houses look great. Lovely things for Christmas.

Cindy F. said...

What wonderful exchanges! How fun:)

cathymk said...

WOW Fabulous exchanges!

Julianne said...


You received beautiful things! What talented ladies Gaby and Margit are. Enjoy :)

Andrea said...

Some wonderful exchanges.

staci said...

That is a stunning ornament! Enjoy :)

Gabi said...

I'm glad you like the ornament. It was a pleasure to stitch. :)

Tahir Imran said...

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