Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home again and back:

David and I were back home in Minnesota the last weekend in September for his 3M 30th work anniversary service awards dinner at the Convention Center in Minneapolis. We had a great time and were glad David is still employed with 3M even if we have to live in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

So while I was home I got to pick up my new Gingher Elena scissors:) I was very excited. Now I have found out about another new scissors-- Mia, and my good friend Jackie has found some and I now have another scissors waiting for me back home. I can't wait to get that one too.

Here are my new Elena's:
I also had these hand painted scissors waiting for me. A surprise gift from another good stitching friend Chris. She found the wooden scissors at Joann's and a friend of her daughters did the painting and personalizing on them. I just love them. A great reminder of my days in Aberdeen.
Here is a closer look at the saying, which is Life is good in Aberdeen. And that really is Aberdeen's motto.

I have not had much stitching time here in Aberdeen since I am working 7 days a week and sometimes 12 hour days. I really miss my stitching time. But I did manage to get these squares done. I am doing the Ackworth Friendship Book with my stitching group. These are Cathy B's squares. I am really enjoying stitching these. I have also finished a couple of exchanges but can't show them, as I have just mailed them.

Lastly I found this crop-a-dile in this case at Walmart for $25 and had to have it. I have used it once and it was great. It was the case that sold me. Another "toy" for my collection.

So until next time Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching.


Cathy B said...

Hi Joan. Nice to see a post from you! Scissors, scissors, what would we do without our scissors?

My squares look great too. I guess I should start working on the squares I need to stitch!

Great crop-a-dile. Do I need one of those?

Daffycat said...

Oooo, great new toys! Love the personalized scissors, what a keepsake!

OMG I love my Crop-a-dile! It makes setting those eyelets sooo easy!

Cindy said...

Our Walmart had crop-o-diles on clearance, too. They only had the orange ones, and there was a big stack of them. I was hoping that they would mark them down more, since I'm not sure how often I would use it. I'll have to go check again :)

Point said...

Hi Joan,
Could you please tell me the name of the designer of the "Noel" ornament freebie you made for the Christmas Ornament Swap blog?


Brigitte said...

So many new toys, lol. Those scissors look very special, particularly the painted ones.

Cindy F. said...

LOVE both pairs of scissors! That was sooo nice of Chris!

Beautiful progress on your stitching book! Can't wait to see it finished.

Crop-a-dile....a must have. I've only used mine for scrapping so far though.