Saturday, January 23, 2010

Antique/Thrift shop finds

The DH and I did a little antique/thrift store shopping this weekend and here are the treasures I found:

First I was looking for some frames for my friend Lori who is also stitching LHN's "My Needle's Work". She liked what I had stitched and how it was framed so I set out to find some frames I thought would work. These are the two I found.

Here are some of the treasures I found at the antique shops we stopped at. I got a real bargain on the zippers. They were only 25 cents each, and I use them when I make my vinyl project bags. Then I picked up some more frames because they were a good deal and I know I will find some projects for them. I already have some project to go into a couple of them. I paid anywhere from 50 cents to $3 for the frames. Then I had to have that little green hoop. I don't use hoops much just on tiny one over one's and I like to use this type of hoop and it was only 25 cents. Also got some mother of pearl buttons for 50 cents.
I bought this olfa mat because I thought it was a deal for $3. And even if I didn't need it, I thought I could give it to my daughter Chastity, as she wants to start sewing.
I picked up this wire holder--(I think it is a small plate holder) at the local Salvation Army Thrift store. Now I thought it would work nicely for holding some of my smalls and for 59 cents I couldn't pass it up.

Here is a pic with some of my smalls in it. I really like this little hanger.

So there you have it. I spent sometime with my hubby and found some treasures.

I hope everyone is having a great and relaxing weekend and as always Happy Stitching.


Anonymous said...

Love all your great finds. What a great idea for your smalls.


Kelsey said...

I love your wire hanger for yous smalls! Cheap find!!!
Love you mom!

Suzanne said...

What great bargains! I can see why you couldn't pass them up.

Anonymous said...

I love your small plate holder for smalls........what a great idea. I will have to look for one at our thrift store next time I'm there.
thanks for the idea.