Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Very Happy Weekend

We made another trip home to Minnesota this weekend, here are the results of being home:

Before we left for home my hubby gave me this to use at my LNS.

Here is the end results plus a few more $$$. I have enhanced my stash with a few new things.
I went to my LNS with Jill and Cathy B, we also met up with Judy a friend of Cathy's at Stitchville and had lunch with her. So now I have a new friend in the stitching world. It was good to meet and spend sometime with you Judy. Maybe you will be able to stitch with us in the future. Then we had plans to meet up with Jackie and Lori at Jackie's house for some food, fun and stitching. I had a really great day Saturday.
Before I left Minnesota I had this wonderful pinkeep hand delivered to me by Cathy B. as she had my name for the FTT pinkeep exchange. This design is from Carol R.--iStitch. It is Sew Patchwork. Cathy did a great job on her stitching and finishing. I just love it.
Thank you Cathy:)

On our way back to Aberdeen my hubby and I stopped at a couple of antique shops and of course I found some flower frogs. The yellow frog at the upper left is a "vaseline" glass frog and under black light it glows. Really pretty cool. The bottom frog is carnival glass.

I also found these jar lids and had to have them to make some pincushions. At least try my hand at it.

So all in all I had a great time back in Minnesota, but I am not back to the real world and off to work later on today.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching:)


Deb said...

Got to love those flower frogs! I've got quite a collection. I like to collect the tops like you have and fit them into bowls. And I love how that Vaseline glass glows under the neon lights.

And you picked up some wonderful stash with the money that your DH gave you. Do you think that he could whisper a few encouraging words to my husband? LOL

Julianne said...


What a sweet DH you have! Don't you just love it when you get a surprise from them?

Have fun with all your new patterns. The pinkeep that Cathy made you is so pretty.

Kay said...

Looks like you made good use of the $$. Have fun with it!

Karen said...

What a hubby! and great stash!! i wanted to get that scissor fob kit from SB when i went to market day at LNS but they were out by the time i got to that end. oh well, i'll get it later.
love the frogs. i wish i could find those different colors here in AZ. i will have to do more searching.

Carol R said...

You should definitely keep your man!

Great stash haul. Can you tell me about the stitched piece under the flower frogs and the jar lids please.

Love what Cathy did with Sew Patchwork!

diamondc said...

LOve your frogs, you have a husband like mine, he paid for my weekend with the Blackbird girls.
I made out like abandit for my birthday also.
I really like the Oh Stitch pin cushion.
Hope to meet you at the retreat in April, I am a follower of yours.
Catherine in Annandale.