Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brief update.....

I have NOT dropped off the face of the Earth--although it sometimes feels like I have. I have had many changes and events occur since my last post. I am just going to tempt you with one of my many adventures with this quick post.

This weekend Cathy B. and myself went to a retreat sponsored by our LNS--Stitchville featuring Blackbird Designs. Here is a picture taken with Alma, Cathy, myself and Barb. We had such a great time and these gals are GREAT!!!! I loved every minute we spent with them. They are so friendly and down to Earth, I feel like I have made two new friends.

I will be posting more pictures and showing and telling what these girls taught us and the great designs they had for us. So stop by later tonight or tomorrow for more on the retreat and why I haven't posted in the last month

Alma, Cathy, myself and Barb.

Happy Stitching!!!!


Cathy B said...

We had a blast -- thanks for my little blackbird gift!

Lelia said...

What a fantastic box! I saw some pix on Cathy's blog & the Blackbird blog --- such a creative group of stitchers : )

thx for sharing