Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love dying on a sunny day

Jill (Purple Peacock) and I decided to do some thread dying.  Now we did do some thread dying about a month or so ago but wanted to do it again with another method Jill had found on Calico Rabbits blog.

Here are some of our threads pre-dying. 

Here of course are some of our dyes.

Need those pans.  Also had some cups but I didn't get any pictures of them.

Here is our drying process.  Gotta love the sun:)

I am going to be doing BBD Mother's Gardens so I bought all of the DMC's and dyed them. I bought 3 skeins of each color--maybe a little over kill but then I know I will have enough.  I am so excited in how they turned out and can't wait to stitch with them.  Also notice our wonderful tags.  Thanks to Jill, she did all the work on them.  They are a very nice touch.  
Thanks Jill:)

 These are some other threads I dyed.  I really tried to get some variation in the threads.  It is a guessing game, but the more you dye the more you learn. 

 The next few photo's are some close ups of the threads.  I am hoping that you will be able to see some of the variations in the dying.  I am not to good at photography.

 DMC 666
 DMC 3012
 DMC 3052
DMC 3053

Here are some threads that I want to redo.  I would like them to have some more variance in them.  As I said before it's a guessing game.  So I will try some different dyes.  

I also think that when I do my dying from now on I will choose my projects and then dye the threads.  Although you do need to practice so sometimes doing random threads is good. 

Well I had a great day with Jill and I love the results!!!


Deb said...

I have seen so many blogs lately talk about dyeing their own floss and I think that I'm going to have to try it. I have a ton of floss around here in colors that I don't love. Thanks for showing all your "new" threads and the link to the Calico Rabbit's blog. Those directions are great.

Julie M said...

Your floss came out great! Not sure I would have the nerve to try it myself!

Barbi said...

All your floss colors turned out fantastic! Mother's Garden is going to turn out GREAT! Can't hardly wait to see it stitched.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

It looks beautiful! Overdyed thread is so expensive. I might give it a try to "prim" up some bright flosses.

Laura said...

Wow!!!! Your threads looks beautiful! What a wonderful job you did!

Patty C. said...

Your colors are gorgeous !!!

Chris said...

Your floss looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the stitching :)

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful threads. I think the two of you are becoming quite proficient at this dyeing business.