Thursday, January 22, 2015

Great Mail

Look at what a great package I received today from my Facebook friend Stacy! Since last summer, Stacy and I have been exchanging emails and sharing our love of cross stitch and quilting.  Our friendship really blossomed after Stacy had ordered some pouches from me.
We really seem to have a lot in common and our tastes in stitching and quilting are alike, too!
I sent her a package earlier in the month and she put together this great package in return...

Stacy sewed the cute vinyl pouch and a fabric envelope that holds some stationary. There are two boxes that are waiting for something stitched to go on top of them, a nice thread winder and needle case from  The Attic along with a round box with a very cute wool piece on the top, some fabric and charm squares and a few cross stitch and quilt patterns.  I am excited about it all! Thank you, Stacy!


Catherine said...

Great goodies!

Ele said...

Lovely blog and wonderful cross stitch works Joan!

Greetings from Germany

Gabriele ;-)