Wednesday, December 7, 2016

FlossTube Video

OK, boys and girls I have jumped on the FlossTube train!!!

Not sure if I should have.  I find it very strange to talk into a computer.  But my daughter Chaz 
talked me into trying it, in fact she sat in on it and helped me along.
She has also been my technical help.  I don't really do computer stuff well and Chaz has
been helping me along and getting me more involved in the social/technical world!!!

So if you have a few minutes and watch FlossTube go check out my video.

Also check me out on Instagram and my Facebook page- MadeByMamaJoan- a link to my Instagram is on my sidebar.  I am having a giveaway for the project bags I am selling.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are having a great week and staying warm.

1 comment:

suzy mcclung said...

Just watched your video. It was very good! Also am visiting your blog and really enjoy it. Your stitching is just amazing. I annot find how to follow your blog, but I have not given up! Lovely work.