Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Gingher Scissors--Sarah

After a crappy day at work, I decided to stop at my local Joann's to see if they had the new Gingher scissors. Well lo and behold they had the new Sarah's. So I am the happy owner of a new pair of scissors. Plus I am waiting for the new Roberta's to arrive. I ordered them on Monday from Carol S and her husband Mike. Their store is Mike and Carol's Internet Store. So I ordered 8 pairs since my stitching croonies also had to have them. Right now I also have 3 more Sarah's, which are spoken for. Life is good!!!!
Happy Stitching.


Carol said...

Gorgeous Sarahs. Cathy picked up a pair for me yesterday too - the two Joann's here only order a few pairs and then that is it... the economy here does not seem to allow for ordering more than a few, I guess. Thank you so much for mentioning Mike's store! He is praying that his next shipment of Robertas comes in today... he sold out again! Hope you get yours soon - he got them right out to you.

Margit said...

Ohhh yesssssss! They are very pretty! I would LOVE to have them. ;)
Hugs, Margit

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hey Joan, fabulous new scissors!! Lucky you!