Sunday, September 28, 2008

Exchanges, an Ornament finish and a Wedding Sampler

First a exchange received from Rachel for Fair and Square round 9. She stitched Pumpkin House by Sampler Girl. These squares are stitched wonderfully and I really like the name square. I am anxious to finish these. Thank you Rachel. It was a great exchange.

This was the exchange I sent to Staci for the Prairie Schooler exchange. You can't tell here but this is a big clothes pin. I didn't take a side picture of it but you can see what it looks like on Staci's blog. I think I bought this clothes pin at Craft's Direct in St. Cloud, MN. I bought two of them and thought someday I would find a use for them. The pattern was a freebie bookmark from a long time ago. I stitched the piece on 40 count over two. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It can be used as a pattern holder too!! I had a comment on my blog about the size of the clothes pin and where I got it. It's 6 inches high and an inch and three-eighths wide. I believe it was Barbie who asked and I would have emailed you but there was not an address to go to. So I hope this helps.
Here is the pillow I stitched and sewed for the Think Pink exchange. I sent this one to Goldie. The pattern was from Hands to Work--The Littles.
This ornament is from the new Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine. It's a Charland Design--Santa Topper. I found the snowflake at Michael's and painted it and did my finishing. The ornament on the left of course is the before, I am so happy with the way it turned out. Sometimes things work out the way I see them in my head. This was one of those projects.Then last but not least. Here is the long over due Wedding Sampler for my son and his wife. I had the sampler done before the wedding and was going to frame it myself. Well long story short I finally just took it into Michael's when they were having a 60% off sale and had them frame it. I also have another wedding sampler for my daughter that they will be framing as soon as I get the wording finished on it. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks you will be seeing that one posted. And then I have one more wedding sampler to get done by next August and a baby sampler to finish by January. I have a lot to get done!!!!

Thank for stopping by and I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Now back to stitching and finishing for me.


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Joan, cute finishes - I really like that clothes pin! I'm glad you like my squares. The name square looks like there is a water stain??? I hope the package didn't get wet. Maybe it is a shadow? Anyway can't wait to see how you finish it and thanks for a super exchange.

Irene said...

Nice stitching. The Santa is a cute finish.

Nic said...

What lovely finishes!

Jennifer said...

The stitching is lovely, and the snowflake ornament is especially clever! I'll have to keep that one in mind.

Melissa G said...

I really like how they framed the wedding sampler for Kyle & Mac...nice job!

If you weren't in sooooooo many exchanges, you'd have all that other stitching for your favorite people done! ;)

Anonymous said...

omg how much have you been doing lol love it all the clothes peg is fantastic idea.. welldone and the sampler looks grand

Karrie said...

Love all your different finishing ideas, especially the peg and christmas ornie, very clever! :)

Kelsey said...

I'm jealous! Can't wait to get home and see my wedding sampler!

Sonda in OR said...

Wow, everything looks so wonderful!!! I love that Santa finish! What a great idea.

Carol R said...

Love the snowflake finish and the clothes peg - so unusual - I expect we will see more of this finish!

Julianne said...

Lovely stitching! I hope you have a great stitching-filled week.

tangerinedream73 said...

Hi Joan,

I wanted to ask you about your chicken pincushions. If you have time please email me at

Amy Varnell-Miller

Coni said...

Oh, such lovely work! I'm off to Michael's to see if I can find treasures for finishing!

Dragonflymystic said...

You are such a creative finisher :)
I bought a clothes pin :) now to find a pattern to go with it :)
My mom thought I was nuts till I showed her the picture on Staci`s she loves it :)

JudySC said...

I saw your clothespin finish over on Staci's blog and had to come and tell you that I'm totally going to steal your idea if I ever find the clothespin...and thanks for the creative nudge, now I'm thinking of what all manner of neat things might be suitable for mounting small finishes. THANKS!

angelasweby said...

Joan, hello there,
I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed browsing through your blog. Your work is really inspiring.

Earlier today I received a text message from my sister, who lives in Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean) telling me all about your blog. She had come across it purely by accident.

She directed me to your little clothespin gift for Staci and she is right, it is just gorgeous.

I have never seen that PS freebie before and have fallen in love with it. I wondered if it might be possible to have a copy from you. I hope you don't think me too cheeky asking this but as you said it was old I would think it is no longer available.

If there is anything I can do in return - anything that you are looking for please ask and maybe I can send it on to you :>)
My email is:

Many many thanks Angela