Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Exchanges, exchanges, exchanges and a Round Robin

Here is the start of the exchanges I have received in the last day or two.

This is the All Seasons Ornament exchange from Vivian. She stitched a very cute heart and a box with my initial on it. She also sent a little note pad with my initial on it.
Thank for Vivian for this cute summer exchange.

My next exchange is from Friends Through Threads. It was a Patriotic exchange. Nancy sent me this wonderful patriotic ornament and a fob.The fob has fresh organic lavender in it from San Diego. It smells wonderful.

Nancy also sent these goodies. Some patriotic socks, a fat quarter, buttons a pattern and a cookbook. Nancy also included some red, white and blue floss that I see I forgot to put in with this picture. Thank you Nancy.

I also received my Fair and Square 4th of July squares from Bridget.
Thank you Bridget. I can't wait to get these finished into a pin keep.

Then I also received my Quaker exchange from Margit. We have been doing a personal exchange with some kind of theme this whole year. We decided on a Quaker theme and I just love this design. We also usually do some type of finished item with our exchange and Margit stitched this fob to go with this scissors. I also love the scissors. I had asked Margit to get these scissors for me and she sent them as a goody with this exchange.

These are the rest of the goodies Margit included. Some banding and some variations thread.
Thank you Margit as always you sent such great exchanges.

Today I received this fob from Cathy B. It is a great little fob she stitched and sent me since I moved to Aberdeen. What a wonderful thought. It was a nice surprise after a very frustrating day at work. I am still adapting to my new job and my day wasn't as good as it could have been.And here is the view of the back of the fob.
Thank you Cathy

Last but not least my LHN Round Robin made it back to me this last week. I really love it and can't wait to get it framed. I think it turned out very well. Thank you to all who stitched on it.

With that all being said, I just want everyone to know that since I moved I had to have all of my exchanges that were in progress sent to me here in Aberdeen. That is why it took awhile for me to post these. I am sorry for the delay. Please know that all of these exchanges are really appreciated. Again Thank You to all of my exchange partners.

And as the saying goes---Life is good in Aberdeen!!!!


Cathy B said...

Missing my friend Joan in Aberdeen - sniff, sniff....

Your round robin looks great! When did we start those?

The Quaker piece from Margit is wonderful! Are you going to frame that one too?

And I love your exchange from Nancy!

Will call you tomorrow night---

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The Round Robin piece is wonderful, congrats to everyone that helped. Love all the exchanges, hope things improve at work. CJ ok;-)

Margit said...

You got a whole truckload full of nice exchanges. :) I bet you had a giant smile on your face.
I LOVE your RR! Will you frame it?
You always make me feel very happy when you like the exchange that I do for you!
I hope you have an easy week at work!!!
Hugs, Margit

Andrea said...

Wonderful exchanges. Your RR piece is fantastic.

Suzanne said...

What wonderful exchanges you received.

I am so pleased that you are happy with your RR. It was a pleasure stitching on it.

Brigitte said...

Enjoy all these beauties including that wonderful RR.

Linen Stitcher said...

Such lovely pictures of wonderful goodies, . . . but that RR stands out the most for me. What a fabulous piece!!! I especially love how you did the signatures. I'd be racing to the framing store to finish that one.

Becky K in OK said...

Great exchange pieces. So glad the USPS is working for you.