Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing Sharon....

So I went to Joann's today armed with four 60% off coupons.  I was wondering around just looking for something I might "NEED" and I saw to my amazement a couple of 8" Gingher--Sharon scissors.
I began to panic as I wanted a 4" scissors so, I lifted up the 8" box and there was ONE 4" scissors.
I grabbed it and proceed to the checkout with my treasure.
I didn't know that there was even a new Gingher scissors coming out--Bonus I guess.
So here it is:  Sharon.

 This was my purchase at Joann's today and the total for these items was $23 and some change!!! Less than the regular cost of the scissors which was $39.99.
Happy Times:)

 I stitched up this ornie from this years JCS Ornament magazine.
It is from Plum Street Samplers called Christmas Stocking. 
I am going to try to finish it into stocking form today hopefully.

*Edited*  Just finished my Christmas Stocking.
Plum Street Samplers from 2013 JCS Ornament Magazine.
I stitched this piece on 32 count instead of 36 count as called for.
Not sure of the color but it is a grey color.  I also changed the house color
from Cherry Bark to Mulberry.
Started and Finished 11-09-2013.
This is my progress on Christmas Garden.  I am staying on task for the most part except for the small ornie I stitched up in the previous picture.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  


Catherine said...

Fab stitches and great find on the scissors!!

pam said...

Great deal on the scissors. Stitching looks great too. Ahead of the Christmas crunch

Christine said...

Wow - Looking at the stocking that I'm dying to stitch as well and then seeing the progress made on your Christmas Garden makes me want to run and get out all my stitching asap. Great job!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great find -- and pretty stitching!

Marilyn said...

Nice scissors, you must have a great collection going! :)
Love your PSS stocking finish, that turned out so pretty.
Christmas Garden is coming along nicely too.

mommafoso said...

Love your stitching projects, inspires me to get mine done.