Tuesday, October 14, 2014

State Fair report

This has been a long time in coming.  I meant to post about the Minnesota State Fair but my daughter had the pictures and as usual life is busy!  But here we go.

First up is Patches of Life which took 1st place.  I received 95 out of a 100 points.  Some of the comments were:  "Nice frame for piece, piece appears wavy as set behind frame, very even stitching.
This is a lovely piece. Ground fabric shows through in a few darker stitched areas--stitching tension??
It appears there are some thread tail shadows? or is it the fabric?"  
Well I did dye the fabric myself so there are darker areas and I did frame it myself. 
Sorry for the bad picture but pieces were not always in a good spot to take photos.

Blackbird Designs--Salute to Abigail another 1 st place ribbon.  Received 97 out of 100 points.
Comments: "Frame complements piece nicely.
This is a very nice piece.  Ground fabric shows through in a few darker areas--stitch tension?
Did you use a laying tool?"
OK, are you kidding??  I don't use a laying tool when cross stitching.  Interesting comments.

The Primitive Hare--Needlewoman second place ribbon.  Received 84 out of 100 points.
Comments: "Hard to identify purpose of piece--Needleroll? Purse?
Nice theme:) Black thread carried between letters shows through the linen.  Watch stitch tension."
Again not sure why she didn't know it was a needlebook, must not have opened it up.  And I agree about the black thread but hard to just stitch on stitch in those areas.

Blackbird Designs--Christmas Garden another second place ribbon.  Recieved 94 out of 100 points.
Comments: " Lovely colors.  Fabric wavy behind frame.
Very attractive piece.  There appears to be some thread tails showing below some of the lettering.  Some twisted threads--did you use a laying tool?  Background shows through some of the darker stitched areas."
Not sure what is meant by the last statement, again I did frame the piece myself.

La D Da--My Country Tis of Thee pillow second place ribbon.  95 out of 100 points.
Comments:"Nicely Finished--corners need more stuffing.
Sweet pillow:) Background fabric shows through darker areas of stitching.  Stitch tension?

With Thy Needle and Thread--Needleworker Sampler third place ribbon.  93 out of 100 points.
Comments:"Piece a bit wavy--more streching?  Appears to need more pressing or to be stretched more.
This is a very pretty piece.  Very delicate work.  Some stitches seem uneven."
I really like this piece and again framed by me:)

Blackbird Designs--Song of Spring fourth place ribbon.  94 out of 100 points.  
Comments:"Piece is not exactly square behind frame. Stitching is even.
This is a very pretty piece. Nice square stitch.  Some stitches pulled a bit tight."
The frame for this piece was not square because I repurposed the frame, probably 
why it wasn't square.  Sometimes I do wonder about the comments. But all in all I am happy
with my pieces.  

I also entered Holy Moses but it didn't place.  This picture was from the County Fair.  Had to use this picture as the one from the State Fair got lost somehow.

So there are the fair results.  Hope I didn't bore you to death!!!  I will be entering some things
next year:)
Happy Stitching!!!


Marilyn said...

I think they all look great.
My favorite is the Needleworker Sampler.
Congrats on your ribbons.

Robin said...

Congratulations on your fair winnings! I can't believe the Holy Moses piece didn't snag a ribbon at the state fair. Your pieces are fabulous!

Robin in Virginia

Bev C said...

Hello Joan,

Congratulations, your cross stitch's look amazing. I wouldn't worry too much about what was said, sounds like they weren't cross stitcher's.
I remember helping out with the ladies who judged at our local show many years ago, never again, they were so rude about the children's items and it turned me off shows.
Once again congratulations on your stitching achievements.

Happy days.

marly said...

Tough crowd! I wouldn't have made it past first look! I'm not a laying tool kind of gal. Your pieces are wonderful!

onemore4gsus said...

Congratulations on your awards! You made me laugh about the laying tool. I know some cross stitchers use them, but I'm with you!