Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grandson in the house and A Very Olympic Retreat

Ok, hang on to your seats, this is going to be a long one!!!!
Before I tell you about the start of our Olympic Retreat I need to mention why it has been awhile since I have blogged. It is the picture above. My daughter and grandson Jacob were here from Tennessee for a week and a half and this grandma hasn't had an 18 month old running around this house for sometime. Our youngest is 20!!!!! So grandma and grandpa spent sometime with Jacob, and tried to keep the house safe!!!

Now we started our retreat yesterday after work by making a trip to our LNS. It was Jill, Lori, Jackie, Chris and myself. The first picture is of Lori, Jill, Jackie and myself. The second one has our party crasher Chris in it. She is going to the Needlework Guild of Minnesota retreat, but needed to go to the LNS with us. Because a retreat is not a retreat without a stop there.

Once we returned home, we had to have some sustenance, which was pizza from a great little pizza pick up place called Savoy's. Then we all gave out our goody bags, which included alot of patriotic things as that was the theme of this retreat since it was an election and Olympic year. As you can see Jill got right into the spirit with here lovely necklaces. The one on her head is LIGHTED and makes a very nice crown, don't you think?

Look at these great bags Jackie gave us. Our own personalize patriotic bag.This was Jackie's gift bag filled with goodies. A patriotic pillow, a small tote, a pen, small notebook, ort tin, ribbon, Debbie Mumm buttons and a handy dandy 12 in one sewing multi tool!!

Lori gave us a vinyl mesh bag filled with a star tin ornament, a pen, candle, patriotic plates and napkins, notecards made by her mom, a personalize patriotic fob, and a bowl of candy. Which is not pictured here.
Jill gave us a bag filled with a pattern, which was kitted up. A star tin with some candy, a stitched floss tag, a pen and some pencils, knitted socks that her mom made, a patriotic bell necklace, patriotic pin and a patriotic cup and red coaster. My gift "bag" was really a small trash can filled with a pillow case, patriotic pin cushion and ort bag that I sewed, some small plastic containers, a pen, post-it notes and puffs.
And I almost forgot. This is our mascot.
Stitchin Sam with our FREEDOM sign.

So there is just a little of what is going on. I have
some stitching to post, but I will have to do that later.

Until the next installment of Olympic stitching,
Happy Stitching.


Julianne said...

Hi Joan,

Good to see a post from you! I was wondering what you've been up to. Your grandson is a cutie!

Wow, you get together with friends looks like it was a ton of fun. What a neat idea to have a theme.

Vonna said...

Jacob looks like a sweetie :)
And I must say that the Olympic Stitching Retreat looks like it is THE place to be! What fuN!

Becky K in OK said...

You gals look like you are having too much fun.

The grandsone is a real cutie.

Paula C. said...

Looks like lots of fun! Can't wait to see more posts about it =)

Michele said...

sooo did you get any stitching done .. or did ya all just laugh and have fun :) love the gifts from everyone .. very clever stuff there :)

So glad you had a good visit with everyone! Jacob is such a cutie :)

BeckySC said...

Yep, I agree...I think your house is the place to be!! What FUN!!

Cathy B said...

What a great start to your stitching retreat! I'll see you guys on Friday night! Remember - I'm bringing dessert!

Melissa G said...

Well, I got more stitching done at "Joan's House" (that would be my mom) than I have in a long time! ;) And, her excuse for not stitching would be my cute son! She still did get to stitch, don't let her kid you!

Kelsey said...

OH my goodness Mom! You are too funny! I love your "Stitching Sam." I am jealous that you got to visit with Jacob and Mel too. But Donn and I will be seeing you very soon. Keep stitching!

Love you,
Kelsey Ann