Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick Olympic Update

Here are the hardcore stitcher's with the mascot Stitching Sam and Captain Underpants. (Also known as Timebomb)

Here is why he is called Captain Underpants. Do you see his black underpants?
Captain Underpants is feeling rather Olympic!!!! He would like to join Stewey for some Olympic activities!! For those of you who don't know Stewey, belongs to the Spinster Stitcher. I sure hope she doesn't mind me mentioning her in my blog, but we have come to love her postings and look forward to her updates.

These two chairs are our comfy stitchy chairs. I stole that phrase from The Spinster Stitcher. We have our "nests" built for the duration of our Patriotic Retreat. The blue chair belongs to me and the white chair with the lovely red, white and blue sash is Jill's chair. She has the honor of wearing the sash for completing her first stitching project of the day.

These two chairs were empty today. Tomorrow the other two members of the stitching team will be here to compete in various stitching and snacking categories. The trials should be over by tomorrow night with the finals to follow on Friday and Saturday.


Coni said...

Oh, how I wish I could be at your stitchy retreat! As per Stewey's message on my blog last night, I am having too much ANGST with my $&#^% Olympic Stitching Project. Currently awaiting judges decision as to whether I can continue in the games.

Cathy B said...

Save a chair for me, okay?

Melissa G said...

I think next year, me & my TWO little tornadoes should crash the stitching retreat & claim a chair...along with a baby jail for them!

Carol R said...

Maybe I should book a place for the next retreat!

Margit said...

Hello Joan.
Both of you seem to have a very nice personality. I wish I could have been there also.
Talk to you soon.