Monday, March 12, 2012

Project update since ankle injury

Since I injured my ankle last Wednesday and have had to stay off it as much as possible so I have been stitching. Here is what I have gotten done.

This is the extra chart in the LHN/Shakespeare's Peddler Nashville kit. I stitched this on a piece of 28 count I had in my stash. I used up the CC Clay Pot that was in the kit. I think I will be making a pillow with it.

I finished up my last 2011 LHN ornament--Glad Tidings. This one I stitched on 32 count LL Palamino with DMC threads. Now I just need to get it finished and take a picture of all 12 ornaments. I am glad to have them all done:)

I will be going on a retreat with my LNS in April and we have some pre-work to do. Since I wasn't real excited about this work I thought this would be a great time to get it done. I am not sure why I wasn't excited because it really wasn't to hard, just putzy. I've never worked with silk ribbon before and that maybe was why also. I will have to say it was pretty easy to make the silk ribbon flowers once I started. It just takes practice. Anyway I finished the front and back of the pinkeep and I finished the stitching of the strawberry. Now I just have the pincushion to stitch and I will be ready for retreat!!!
This is the project we will be doing. I can't wait to get to retreat and do the finishing.

I have also been working on my Holy Moses. I am almost 2/3 done. This is the middle 1/3 of the piece. This is a long project. It will be cool when it's done.

So that is what I have been doing while waiting for my ankle to get better, which it has. In fact it is a lot better. Not as swollen just turning color now. Doesn't hurt as much to walk which I am grateful for.

I made this camera strap cover before my injury for my daughter. I think it is pretty cute.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


Deb said...

I'm sorry to hear that you injured your ankle and I hope that it's getting better. You sure did get some things finished up while you were sitting.

I just love the Victorian Pincushion. Is that only offered through a retreat? I just love it!

Anonymous said...


just found your blog.

Your stitching is lovely!
That camera strap is great.

Hope your ankle is better soon.

Karen said...

Looks like you made good use of your time! nice finishes as always. YOur VS project will be beautiful... have two friends going and got to see them working on it this weekend... a very pretty project.

happy stitching....

Lesleyanne said...

Great finishes. Hope your ankle continues to improve.

Mouse said...

well you certainly have been busy with those steaming needles while you have been out of action :)
well done on all the beautiful stitching ,love the ribbon roses and your retreat sounds like fun ... I do like Thea's designs :)
hope your ankle continues to get better :) love mouse xxxxx

ROSELLA69 said...


Karissa said...

That camera strap is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I have seen!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Definitely my FAVORITE birthday gift this year!
I just love it, mom!
THANK YOU for making it for me!
(your favorite!)

valerie said...

Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better! You've gotten lots of finishes. They look great and that camera strap is fun!