Monday, August 4, 2014

Fair Results!!!!

Well the results are in.  I entered 5 pieces and came home with 5 ribbons--3 Blue Ribbons and 2 Red Ribbons.  

 Here I am in front of the of the wall where my three framed pieces hung.  The one right over my shoulder which was Salute to Abigail and Christmas Garden on the top of the same row.
 Here is Holy Moses.  As you can see it took home a Red Ribbon.  Here is what the comment said:
"Beautiful-Very nice stitching--even and consistent--colors are nice too--like the tea dying for an antique look to complement the old frame:)"

 Again this is the wall with a view of all my pieces.
The comments on my other two frame pieces were:
Salute to Abigail-received a first place ribbon -"Beautifully done!  Wow--Stitches are so even and consistent--very nice!  Like the beige fabric color with the blue frame--Sharp contrast!  Good job:)"

Christmas Garden--received a second place ribbon.  "Nice color choice--very even stitching--frame looks a little bold for the colors--maybe a matting piece would soften the look--but still very pretty! Good job:)"
 My Country pillow took first place.  The comment left for this piece was:
"Nice work.  Clean lines--Crisp cross stitches.  This was in the running for the pillow Champ."
I felt really good to hear it was in the running for the Champion pillow!!!

 My daughter Kelsey was taking the pictures so here I am in front of my pillow.

Last but not least here is my Gingerbread cupcake also took home a first.
No comment for this piece though.

I am happy with the results.  
Now on to the Minnesota State Fair.


Marilyn said...

Congrats on your ribbons, Joan.
All were very nice pieces that you entered.
You are a winner!!!!

Annie said...

I'm so glad you did so well, but not surprised!

diamondc said...

Congratulations Joan: This is wonderful, I hope you are entering into the Satae Fair.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Congratulations--I don't have enough confidence to enter finishes.

Now you can enjoy your finishes and your ribbons

Unknown said...

Pillow champ--you need to enter another one next year and win that coveted title!
Nice work, mom!

marly said...


valerie said...

Congratulations Joan! All beautiful pieces.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm shocked though that Christmas Garden didn't get a higher ribbon...I think it is spectacular! The Pillow and Cupcake ornament did fabs too! So Joan, did you go through to see what took higher place ribbons? Here in my county fair we haven't had a Grand Champ or a Reserve Grand Champ in Cross Stitch the last two years. It looks from the photos that you've shared that there were quite a bit of framed pieces entered? I still am shocked with such high praise on the stitching that you didn't get higher ribbons....I really am, because I think your work is impeccable!

Lelia said...

Congratulations on your awards! Lovely projects, they all should be 1st place ; )