Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Retreat 2014

It's that time of year again!!  Time for our annual retreat.
This years theme is Christmas in August.

I always make these vinyl bags.  I also make coordinating pillow covers.  
We all have our own color as you can tell by the zippers.  Makes it easier to tell who's is who's.

First up are the goodies we each received from Jackie.  She always stitches up a coaster for each of us.  So we have a theme coaster from all 9 of our last themed retreats.  We also got a bowl for snacks, and a cup, some buttons, an ornie, some stickers and a needle minder. 
Thanks, Jackie. 

 These gifties are from Jill--Purple Peacock.
We received a cute tray, socks, a very cute thread ring, Santa scissors 
and a charm--not pictured.  Of course all theme related.
Thank you Jill.

 Next up is Lori's goodies for us.  We got some paper plates, wrapping tape, a very appropriate dish with the words Be Merry printed on it that look like cross stitch, a tin and scissors charm and some holiday chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
Thanks, Lori 

Here are my stitching bags with the goodies I included.  A pillow cover for our small pillow that we have had from a few retreats ago, some themed hand soap, tissues, a note pad, pen and pencil a small plastic box and some post-it notes.

Jackie and I did a little pre-retreat stitching yesterday and I started this piece.  I finished it today.
Heartstring Samplery--Sweet Land of Liberty.  Stitched on 32 count linen I coffee dyed/baked using overdyed threads.
Started 8-5-2014
Finished 8-6-2014


Marilyn said...

That retreat looks like it was a fun event.
All great goodies you received.
Great finish on Sweet Land.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I always love to see your retreat pictures! May the festivities begin!! :)
Sweet Land of Liberty is gorgeous!

Faye said...

Your stitching gathering is always nice to see~ you ladies know how to do it up right....!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The bags and pillow cases you made for your retreat are wonderful! A girl can never have too many project bags!